Our 5 virtues

Our products have 5 virtues, represented by the selected ingredients, selected raw materials and production processes:

Yeast, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Italian Grain, Natural Leavening.

They are also no GMO, without preservatives, dyes and animal fats.

Our Research & Development laboratory tests new recipes every day. These will be available and launched on the market only when all the ingredients have found between them the perfect amalgam of quality and goodness, a hallmark of our products already on the market.

Our products are 100% natural.

We do not use raising agents and improvers. For our precise choice we do not use palm oil and lard, our products have always been without.

We have all the most prestigious national and international certifications: BRS, IFS, BIO.

We are very attentive to the market trends and to the eating habits that today are moving more and more towards ingredients with high nutraceutical value and with principles that can guarantee food wellbeing.

Among our products, in fact, you can find raw materials such as turmeric, quinoa, spelled, wholemeal flour and the organic line.

This is why we only have exclusively natural recipes and we use production processes in accordance with a genuine and natural leavening process.

The labels on our products tell all this with maximum transparency.