Baked goods are very very good!

We are an Italian company that produces its products only with natural ingredients of the highest quality.

We handcraft our products in compliance with the ancient traditions and values of the land.

We born from the meeting and the merger of two regions that have recognized agri-food riches all over the world:Piedmont and Tuscany.

Our 5 virtues

Our products have 5 virtues, represented by the selected ingredients, selected raw materials and production processes: Yeast, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Italian Grain, Natural Leavening.

“Our desire is to be able to enjoy the virtues that our lands make available to us every day. We produce, with only natural ingredients of the highest quality, excellent baked goods to be enjoyed lightly at any time of the day. We like to eat well and healthy and offer all this to our customers.”

Mannini Griss, Founder